The aim and motive of HOODHIPPEEZ™ is to spark creativity. To be the network that bridges all gaps, cultural, generational, religious, or societal. A place where individuality meets originality. Where dilettantes become savants by their own definition and design(s). HOODHIPPEEZ™ would like to connect the like minded, and the creative intellectuals of this world on a grassroots level. The outcome is to create solutions with out of the box thinking.

HOODHIPPEEZ™ are creative individuals who are aware and awakening to the fact that they affect the ever changing world around them. They have love and respect for family, friends, their craft and creative outlets other than making babies (we love future people, don't get it twisted). There is also an affinity for culture, and preserving it at all costs. Does this sound like you or someone you know? The Future is now, the world is ours. BE FOR HIGHER. -HOODHIPPEEZ