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Bamboo Structures for a Sustainable Future

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I have always wanted to build a home that is in symbiosis with nature and live a sustainable living lifestyle. Earlier this year I had to make a trip to Jamaica to bury a loved one and I returned to the area where I spent my early childhood years. I was reintroduced to lush landscapes and the most beautiful views, it became more clear to me this where I would build a home. I have already drafted some ideas for a floor plan and some free energy solutions. My goal is to create a template for prefab homes and the material of choice would be bamboo which is one of the most sustainable and strong natural resources known to man. The idea for using bamboo came to me when I saw how plentiful it was in my area. This lead me to do some research on bamboo structures and architects who specialize in using bamboo. I stumbled upon Simón Vélez a Colombian architect who has constructed bamboo structures all over the world and is very passionate about bamboos role as sustainable building material.

Bamboo Architect Simon Velez by tvnportal