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Boardwalk Empire - Season Finale Recap - Farewell to Daddy Blues

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Boardwalk Empire-Season Finale Recap-Farewell to Daddy Blues

As Season 4 of Boardwalk Empire comes to a close. I couldn't help the somber feeling that came over me it was like the title says it is a sad goodbye but not because the season was ending in fact this was one of the more boring seasons in the series and I am glad it's over. It  is because I had to say goodbye once again to characters that I have grown to love. The writers of this series always have a way of surprising us when it comes to characters dying and this finale is nothing different. 

The Capone storyline was bleh, one of the brothers died and meh it didn't move me. He was the more likable Capone but I guess his death was more foreshadowing than anything. The way events came to and end in Chicago leaves a lot of questions unanswered but Al Capone got what he wanted in the end. Makes me wonder if that ex agent his name slips me at the moment had anything to do with how things turned out. His character has the most interesting development he was a straight laced religious by the book prohibition officer turned small time gangster I'm interested in his role in next season 

The Will Thompson story was good, watching how things played out makes me think Jimmy Dormandy was in a similar situation to Will which is why Jimmy left school to earn his stripes in the military and Will left school for stripes in the streets. Nucky seems to always assume the role of a father figure in both situations and this upsets the biological fathers involved.

The Chalky White, Narcisse the narcissist, and Daughter storyline provided the most entertainment and insight for me. It was my favorite storyline because it shined a light on issues that directly influenced me. The birth of the civil rights movement was shown with mentions of poignant figures such as Marcus Garvey and how J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI was targeting him. Educated Negroes scare white folk what a surprise. Another issue that was brought forth was violence against women and it's psychological scars.  Even more interesting was how they showed the friction of Light skin vs. Dark skin in the black community. Chalky was very dark and Narcisse was very light they both wanted what the other had. For whatever reason they couldn't come together to achieve something more than themselves, covetousness reared it's ugly head and they both paid dearly with the consequences of their actions.

The Richard, Gillian and Baby Jimmy  story ended somewhat how I imagined. Everyone got what they deserved. Even though Gillian is obviously and unfit mother and ultimately does not get custody of Baby Jimmy she gets a much needed reality check and kicks her drug habit. Richard finally finds true love beyond his striking disfigurement and the opportunity to have a family and be a father to Baby Jimmy.

Nucky is also saying farewell. Realizing the climate of the criminal underworld is not his forté anymore. He is running out of people he can trust and an old business partner shows him more enterprising ways of making money in the insurance market. He also meets a woman that engages him mentally, emotionally, and physically another reason he chooses to leave  his old life behind. However breaking away does not come so easy much like other characters the consequences of his actions are brought to a head in the finale but Nucky always seems to be ahead of the game. 

Revisiting the title "Farewell to Daddy Blues" it is obvious that it is the perfect title for this seasons finale because fans of the series as well as the fathers and father figures in the show had to say a farewell. Farewell for now Boardwalk Empire and I can wait till next season because... winter is coming. 



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