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Goodbye, Breaking Bad

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Last night was the end of Breaking Bad, a critically acclaimed drama series which aired on AMC. In case you've been under a rock it's about a high school chemistry teacher who has been recently diagnosed with lung cancer. The grim turn of events push him to use his chemistry skills to cook crystal meth in order to provide for his family since his days were numbered. This swift change in career leads to a roller coaster ride in the under world of drugs and the law enforcement agencies that try to wage a futile war against them. 

While this all sounds interesting this series could have easily been mediocre but the elite acting of Bryan Cranston and the rest of the cast combined with the superb writing of the creator Vince Giligan took it from cult following to epic heights. All 5 seasons were some of the best television moments I have experienced in recent memory. As an avid Dexter fan a show which parallels Breaking Bad in the sense that you find yourself rooting for the bad guy and has also reached its last season, pales in comparison to the masterful execution of Breaking Bad from beginning to end. All i's were dotted and all t's were crossed in an intricately woven mix of flashbacks and foreshadowing of past seasons came to a head in the series finale of Breaking Bad giving a satisfying sense of closure to its characters and its fans. 

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The wire was better but

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The wire was better but dammit this was good too