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Holla "Luther" for it is worthy to be praised [Luther Series Review]

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All corny titles aside "Luther" is a breath of fresh air and admittedly I didn't like it from the start I was too caught up in "Breaking Bad" to give it a chance. This has a lot to do with the style of the show. Luther is a psychological crime drama centered around DCI(Detective Chief Inspector) John Luther who is played by the talented Idris Elba. The show from the start of every episode tends to throw you straight down into the fray of the drama with the criminals commiting violent crimes sometimes in a manner so disturbing you reluctantly want to see how it unfolds. Nevertheless you end up wanting to see how Luther cleverly navigates himself in and out of treacherous situations to solve these murders all the while bending the rules and not breaking his psyche in the process. On top of that there are looming suspicsions he is a dirty cop because a criminal being pursued by Luther nearly met his demise in the premier episode. His actions are always being scrutinized and questioned, he is forever under a microscope despite his natural ability to solve crimes never getting the credit he deserves for whole heartedly embracing his thankless calling. Oh yea there is also love and we all know how that can be complicated, especially when it involves a fugitive psychopath who obsesses over Luther. Eventhough I hate Alice's character it cements a notion I have of love as a double edge sword. I highly recommend this show especially if you are tired of the formulaic American crime dramas we have here in the states. Luther is a must watch and all actors and actresses involved are worthy of much praise.

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