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I think I Lurv "Her"

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Omg Spike Jonze, I just saw "Her", I didn't know...I didn't know. This movie was written and directed by Spike Jonze and it is simply a work of Art. I admit I was skeptical about this movie from the jump, the premise was intriguing but I didn't think I could sit through a whole movie of a dude falling in love with his phone, but boy was I wrong. The success of this movie is attributed to the strong acting of the leads Joaquin and Scarlett Johansson. Joaquin plays Theo a recently divorced and lonely writer who's going through somewhat of a depression. After seeing a commercial on TV for a new OS that claims to make its users life better he does what any depressed person does to fill a void and purchases the new OS. The is where Scarlett's character Samantha the OS comes in and things get interesting, I felt as if I was transported into a Ray Bradbury novel.

Without spoiling the movie I will say it does a good job of touching some important topics that are very relevant to this day and age. It touches on artificial intelligence, the soul, technology and it's influence on our everyday existence and among other things love. Oddly enough I found myself relating to Theo and even stranger falling for Scarlett's character and once I was hooked I had to keep to see how it ended. It was also scary to think artificial intelligence could get so advanced and how technology can be a crutch. I definitely recommend this movie and if you're that dense and don't like it you can say you know what it's like to hear the leads have phone sex.