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New York Knicks the saga continues. Musings of a fan.

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It is the summer time now in the NBA and free agency is in its full swing. My focus will be on the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony and LeBron. It has been a sordid history here in NY between Melo and the Knicks. A story at moments that seems so embarrassing that I do not want to reiterate it. The fact still remains Carmelo Anthony has a no trade clause in his contract with the Knicks and he will only waive it for a trade to Houston or Cleveland. A lot of people suggested certain trade rumors concerning Carmelo for Kevin Love deal. Not an even trade, I'm sorry Kevin Love but Carmelo in the knock down shot game win situation I'm taking him over you, you aren't without your own merits though. The Houston deal would also take a miracle as Brian Anderson is no slouch but there's levels to this thing. 

Enter LeBron, it is apparent in the media that all is not well in Cleveland. The team as of right now seems to have plateaued and options for making noticeable improvements are looking pretty slim. Everyone is making the suggestion that LeBron should make the move to LA but what about New York? 

Over the years all the big names have tried to win a championship under the LA Lakers banner. It is a big market team that offer many opportunities for its players but as of late have been on the decline. With new hall of fame management in Magic and a top draft pick in Lonzo Ball things are looking up. I can certainly understand the media's suggestion that this is the obvious route but immediate success is paramount for LeBron in his quest for championships. 

Super teams are a thing now in this NBA and impacts have been made so it's easy for one to say based on history repeating itself and the moves made by teams thus far in the off season that the Golden State Warriors are a Dynasty in the making. 

However there's still some dust to settle and some smoke to clear. NY is still a top market and would rocket LeBron into another stratosphere as a brand. I think there's more room for immediate success on the Knicks and they have the ability to be another echelon of Super team with players like Carmelo, LeBron, Porzingis, and Derek Rose even? I'm sure Horncek can finesse that situation. For now this is all talk and speculation. Make some Power moves this summer NY don't end up like James St. Patrick