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Tupac Lives? Reflecting on a Legend

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      Where do I begin? It has been 17 years since Tupac's death and Friday the 13 is the anniversary. I just wanted to take the time to briefly reflect on the enigmatic icon. The subject of Tupac Shakur's death raises a lot of questions from his fans and supporters. The details in the events surrounding his death as well as the fact that his murder has still yet to be solved is a mystery to many. Tupac is an icon and his influence on hip hop and culture as whole has yet to be matched to this day. 

      The message in his music touched a vast range of people from all walks of life and he is forever loved by his fans. Some say this love won't let his spirit rest and the denial leads his loyal fans to believe he is still alive. Others would say that Tupac was heavily influenced by Machiavelli's "The Prince" a book Tupac read while incarcerated. In this book Machiavelli details faking ones death to fool his enemies. Towards the end of Tupac's career the influences of " The Prince" were many. He adopted the name Makaveli in his works and eerily predicted his death in his songs and his music videos. So is Tupac Dead or Alive? You be the judge.


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