Fusion【融合】JCAT Exhibition 2019 / TeamA Opening Party (Thur) July18 @ Noho...

Past Exhibitions
Team A on view : July 16 - 20 12pm - 6:00pm

Opening Party : July 18 5 pm – 7:30pm
LOCATION : Noho M55 Gallery 

Live Art Performance by JCAT Artists


Colorhythm Risa

Not only in Japan but also in the United States, Britain, Korea, and elsewhere overseas, Colorhythm Risa attracts audiences with her distinctive painting techniques that incorporate the movement of dance.

Her uses of vibrant colors bring power, and her movements that freely incorporate dances of various genres also give color to her performances, captivating and exciting audiences.

Colorhythm Risa uses her hands, sponges – sometimes her entire body – to apply color across the canvas from end-to-end. Her physical and facial expressions of various human emotions and feelings add further layers of depth to her performances.

Hers is a style that, through colors, movements, expressions, and the like, and always without using words, gives exciting performances that are deeply moving to people all over the world, regardless of age or sex, race or nationality. And by presenting an impressive experience of "showing the process of drawing," she all the more strongly delivers her messages to the viewer.

Through her works, Colorhythm Risa wants to connect people and societies, and to make art more accessible to the world while expanding its potential to be more fun and more familiar.


Our “fusion” is a melding of old, and of new, and of things of such different natures, as to create worlds that have never been seen before.

In 2019, the JCAT Fusion【融合】Exhibition will be between July 16th and 27th, Tuesday through Saturday. We’re looking forward to a great show at NOHO M55 Gallery in Chelsea anticipating many visitors as always.

Browse over 100 pieces of innovative new works of art and enjoy the opening parties and live painting performance of our JCAT Artists.

Opening Party

Attendees: please show your phone ticket at the door.
Visitors are welcome. Please stop by and provide your name and email address at the door.

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JCAT is a unique, creative team based in New York. Our mission is to represent talented Japanese artists from around the world and to assist these artists on the path to successful careers. We scout talented artists of all disciplines, spread the word about their talent through our online database and through yearly exhibitions, and open doors of opportunity so each of our artists can pursue their passion and make a living with their talent. We believe that every artist deserves to create a career from what they love to do, and JCAT is here to make that a reality. 

Arisa Itami | Founder
Arisa Itami | Founder

Arisa established her own art gallery in 2008 based on the concept Art for Everyone, Everyday after encountering many artists around the world. Thereafter, she managed the Ouchi Gallery in Brooklyn for ten years, where she provided countless opportunities and an activity space for artists. She also designed and led an original origami project in 2008 that taught children in Nigeria about the art of paper concept. Arisa conducted an origami project in Canada and an art exhibit with 100 artists in Italy in 2012. In 2014, she authored the book What Schools Don’t Teach About Becoming an Artist, which became a best seller on Amazon in their Art Education category. She received the TIME OUT NEW YORK LOVE AWARD for the most treasured local gallery in Brooklyn in 2016. Arisa is currently the director of the Japanese Contemporary Artists Team (JCAT) in New York which boasts over 200 Japanese artists, supporting young artists to make the plunge into the art world. Arisa is currently active as an international curator based in New York. From her base in New York, Arisa is engaged in promoting the theme peace on Earth through the Japanese identity of harmony, while holding seminars titled Live Your Dream where she tells of her experiences in New York and around the world.


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Jul 18 2019, 5:00pm - 7:30pm EDT
NY, New York, 10001, Noho M55 Gallery 530 West 25th Street