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Robin Bucher & Patrick Csajko



Since their first exhibition in Zürich in 2012, Robin Bucher and Patrick Csajko offer an intriguing work that invites to explore - between humor And poetry - their desire to transform reality and its forms. Lines, Routes and Dimensions Robin and Patrick are RBCP's thought-provoking minds and ingenious hands, A name they have been exhibiting on the Swiss scene for a few years. Born in the early eighties, the two artists met at the vocational training center in Vevey (CEPV), where they both graduated as a photographer. The duo then dedicates itself for many years to this medium in two dimensions, working especially in the world of advertising. Fascinated by the light and the compositional work that photography requires, they have explored with passion various ways of approaching these themes. Progressively and through experiments, it became evident that this medium was insufficient to translate their desire to work volume and movement. Robin and Patrick naturally came closer to larger and more encompassing artistic forms such as sculpture and installation. These allow them to explore space in a playful way By means of anamorphosis.