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"Stay Woke" A short film about Family, Loyalty and, Peer Pressure

This short film is about A Dominican family Living in a fast paced life, consistently trying to better themselves and help each other what ever way possible! Dealing with loyalty , drama and, peer pressure. A single mother That works two jobs and has no time to really spend quality time with her kids because she rather work to provide the best for her family. A boy who is constantly being harassed when walking he is walks home from school in the wealthier side of town always finding himself being harassed because of his complexion or the types of cloths he wears. And, a girl who only wants to better herself by going to college to become successful to help her family, She finds her self close to accomplishing her goals only to find herself peer pressured to do something out of guilt that will take a turn for the worst... Writer: Denise Garcia DIrector: Denise Garcia Editor: Denise Garca Cinematography .riik Cast Instagram: Denise Garcia (Dee) Deshae frost (brother) Yissendy trinidad (Mother) Yanira Pache (best friend) Evelyn Gonzalez (Girlfriend) Taylor Stevens (mean Girl) Brandi Marie (get away driver) Adam Waheed (cop) Ty headlee (cop) Marlon webb (kid Napper)

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