The flagship Ewing Athletics shoe, the 33 HI is an exact retro of the 1990 original, and features a classic reversible ankle strap that can be worn on the front or

Low and lonely feels

I never knew hurt like this

How dare you not love

B-I-E Nice try

First off who said I was Black?

My I.D. stardust

The truth can be that


Stranger to the one you love


Sometimes its like that

👀I see you. You ain’t join the dunk contest though.

Vote vote vote vote vote

Fervor of the herd is heard

Wolf, Lion tough choice

Embedded thumbnail for 'The Expanse' on SyFy is Star Trek for a New Generation

'The Expanse' on SyFy is Star Trek for a New Generation

Nostalgia has been a driving force to the ever expanding billion dollar sneaker industry.

Embedded thumbnail for Nintendo's ARMS Global Test Punch is a KO of Fun and Frenzy!

Nintendo is on a roll with their new IPs as of late.

My heart is heavy

The realest rapper ever

Raw forever Gz

Embedded thumbnail for Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Concept is Bold, Elegant, and Frivalous

I'm loving this concept from Mercedes-Maybach. I am looking forward to more car brands pushing the envelope of electric vehicle designs, after all it is t

Desperate hustle

Cat and Mouse game for cheddar

Jigsaw Life, get it?

I was watching the Bloomberg TV  channel today and one of the

As I sit agaze 
Window shopping through your eyes 
Priceless soul I know

Not your average or your ordinary but a little extra. Roberta's offers a change of pace for pizza and pasta lovers.

Embedded thumbnail for Is this Proof that the Black Woman is god?

Henrietta Lacks's immortal cancer cells have been the key in many medical advancements and research of the modern day.

Yes it is now spring time a time of rebirth and new life and also a new season of

Introducing the new Lebron 12s. Not at all thrilled by this shoe but I do like it better than its predecessor.

The Miami Heat are back to back

I have always wanted to build a home that is in symbiosis with nature and live a

Just some highlights from the night. Supporting my cousin Geoffrey Morris and charcoal piece  "Reach"