The internet has recently been a stir.

I am really feeling this new sneaker from Jordan Brand.

This infographic shows us how our home appliances that were created to make our lives simpler can also pose as health risks by serving as breeding grounds for mold

      I am in desperate need of a new phone.

Under my ceiling
In the dark I toss and turn
Where did I go wrong   

I'm a software engineer/programmer with a few years of experience.

 My brain is pouring
Thoughts and memories streaming
Thinking known unknowns

I'm currently in the Analysis & Design phase of building my web application and I wanted information on some of the best web-development frameworks out ther

Boardwalk Empire-Season Finale Recap-Farewell to Daddy Blues

I remember just recently thinking how much I missed this sneaker and what do you know its being re-released.

      Where do I begin?

I have aspirations of owning my own software company and I came across this article.

Artist Filfury releases some new images of animal skulls created from sneakers.

For the most part. I was all excited until the inevitable happened, server overload. It is gonna be interesting to see how Pokemania plays out this time around.

Just as I predicted Sony has unvield their strategy to adopt Virtual Reality on their PS4 platform.