I have always wanted to build a home that is in symbiosis with nature and live a

Just some highlights from the night. Supporting my cousin Geoffrey Morris and charcoal piece  "Reach"

Omg Spike Jonze, I just saw "Her", I didn't know...I didn't know.

Curtis "50 cent" Jackson&;s newest show Power has really shocked me.

Getting ready for my new business venture

All corny titles aside "Luther" is a breath of fresh air and admittedly I didn't like it from the start I was too caught up in "

Round and round we go

Upward spiral new plateau

Love is the new high

First things first I have to admit I have never watched the critically acclaimed

Chip on my shoulder

I think my brain weighs a ton

Too much on my mind

By Laura Minninerode

Puma and Rime get together to offer the limited edition exclusive Puma Luxe Skye Wedge.

Last night was the end of Breaking Bad, a criticall

Parallel visions

Realities intertwine

Love is destiny

Embedded thumbnail for Ecovative Design Marries Innovation and Ecology using Fungi

Ecovative marries innovation and ecology using fungi. Waste management has been a long time concern of mine so sustainable solutions like this always

Desperate hustle

Cat and Mouse game for cheddar

Jigsaw Life, get it?

I was watching the Bloomberg TV  channel today and one of the