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Racism still alive they jus be concealing it-K.West

How does this happen?


Illusory states of lack


Market on my back 




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For a long time Nintendo has been known for its family friendly approach to gaming, as well as providing a broad range of software for users of all ages.

Take aim widen gaze


The heartbeat metronome zone


Your thoughts become things

King’s Disease, Nas’ most recent album released late August of 2020, has a lot to be discussed in terms of quality. I don’t

YES! YES! And further more YES! Took you long enough Nintendo.

Puma may be on to something with these M.C. Escher inspired Blaze Of Glory's. These are reminiscent of the Reebok Basquiat collaborations.

You are a comedic genius in your own right. You brought an energy to your characters no one else could. I cried tears from laughing so hard from your work.

Damn Not Again Man

You thought you were not Black Man

Harmful Legal Drugs

It is the summer time now in the NBA and free agency is in its full swing. My focus will be on the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony and LeBron.

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3D Printers have been around for some time now, and the technology is rapidly advancing its way into our day to day existence.

Last night was the end of Breaking Bad, a criticall

Parallel visions

Realities intertwine

Love is destiny

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Ecovative marries innovation and ecology using fungi. Waste management has been a long time concern of mine so sustainable solutions like this always

Desperate hustle

Cat and Mouse game for cheddar

Jigsaw Life, get it?

I was watching the Bloomberg TV  channel today and one of the

As I sit agaze 
Window shopping through your eyes 
Priceless soul I know

Not your average or your ordinary but a little extra. Roberta's offers a change of pace for pizza and pasta lovers.

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Henrietta Lacks's immortal cancer cells have been the key in many medical advancements and research of the modern day.