Take aim widen gaze


The heartbeat metronome zone


Your thoughts become things

King’s Disease, Nas’ most recent album released late August of 2020, has a lot to be discussed in terms of quality. I don’t

YES! YES! And further more YES! Took you long enough Nintendo.

Puma may be on to something with these M.C. Escher inspired Blaze Of Glory's. These are reminiscent of the Reebok Basquiat collaborations.

You are a comedic genius in your own right. You brought an energy to your characters no one else could. I cried tears from laughing so hard from your work.

Damn Not Again Man

You thought you were not Black Man

Harmful Legal Drugs

It is the summer time now in the NBA and free agency is in its full swing. My focus will be on the New York Knicks and Carmelo Anthony and LeBron.

Embedded thumbnail for Kodama Aims To Cut Out The Competition with its Obsidian 3D printer.

3D Printers have been around for some time now, and the technology is rapidly advancing its way into our day to day existence.

Embedded thumbnail for First Things First:Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Colin Kaepernick

Racism still alive they jus be concealing it-K.West

How does this happen?


Illusory states of lack


Market on my back 




Embedded thumbnail for Nintendo LABO Bridges the Mellenial Divide, Embedded thumbnail for Nintendo LABO Bridges the Mellenial Divide

For a long time Nintendo has been known for its family friendly approach to gaming, as well as providing a broad range of software for users of all ages.

Getting ready for my new business venture

All corny titles aside "Luther" is a breath of fresh air and admittedly I didn't like it from the start I was too caught up in "

Round and round we go

Upward spiral new plateau

Love is the new high

First things first I have to admit I have never watched the critically acclaimed

Chip on my shoulder

I think my brain weighs a ton

Too much on my mind

By Laura Minninerode

Puma and Rime get together to offer the limited edition exclusive Puma Luxe Skye Wedge.