I remember first seeing this on Star Wars: Episode 1 thinking to myself, is this actually possible? Seeing this years later lets me know anything is possible.

Time and time again

Does it start where it ends?

No breaks break the mold

Timing is essence
Finesse the moment always
Counting Down no frowns

Happy Pi Day. March 14, 2014 highlights one of the most popular numbers in the world of Mathematics.

My soul glows sublime

True Hue Man please understand

Shade but still I shine

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On the wake of Mario's latest first time in HD 3D adventure,  Super Mario 3D World releases November 22 on the

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Some say ballin', others say hoopin', but whatever it is that kids are saying these days to describe playing pick up basketball, stripes are earned by Doin It I

Ever since I laid eyes on Confederate Motorcycles I have been enthralled by their unique and inspired designs.

The adidas Mutombo drops 8/24/13. 

Talk about taking your love for sneakers to the next level.

Cursed with a big heart Selfless ambitions abound Love won't let me leave #poetry #art #haikuesday #haiku

Famously rocked by Agassi himself back in 1991, the Nike air Tech Challenge Huarache is back on the scene.